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The territory known as Mugello is an area in northern Tuscany, a few kilometers north of Florence. The area of Mugello is a wide, green valley crossed in parts by the Sieve river, one of the major rivers that flow into the Arno river, Tuscany's principal river.

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The green valley of Mugello offers beautiful countryside just to the north of Florence. Enjoy a leisurely and comfortable stay surrounded by nature in this area of Tuscany and enjoying walks or bike rides along the many white roads that cross the valley.


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Gardagate - Appartamento Brema
Ab € 525/woche
Schlafplätze 5
Schlafzimmer 2
Gardagate - Villaggio Dei Fiori
Ab € 525/woche
Schlafplätze 8
Schlafzimmer 3
Gardagate - Al Pozzo
Ab € 882/woche
Schlafplätze 6
Schlafzimmer 2
Villa Talamo
Ab € 18000/woche
Schlafplätze 18
Schlafzimmer 9
Villa Zaballina
Ab € 20650/woche
Schlafplätze 16
Schlafzimmer 8
Gardagate - Residenza Chateau Du Lac
Ab € 700/woche
Schlafplätze 4
Schlafzimmer 2
Gardagate - Appartamento San Bernardino
Ab € 735/woche
Schlafplätze 4
Schlafzimmer 1
Gardagate - La Portella
Ab € 420/woche
Schlafplätze 4
Schlafzimmer 2
Gardagate - Corte Fasanella
Ab € 525/woche
Schlafplätze 4
Schlafzimmer 1
Gardagate - Residenza Crb
Ab € 525/woche
Schlafplätze 4
Schlafzimmer 2
Fattoria Maltempo
Ab € 350/woche
Schlafplätze 33
Schlafzimmer 18
Gardagate - Rustico Liano
Ab € 1575/woche
Schlafplätze 8
Schlafzimmer 4