A few kilometres from Florence, among the rolling hills, the tall cypress trees, and against the background of mountain peaks and passes, stretches the territory of the Mugello. Silent waters, a delightful countryside friendly, peaceful and hard-working people, healthy food, the places of the Medici, the historical villas, all to be found just outside Florence. History, culture, high quality service in a renewed relation with nature these are the things the Mugello has to offer. Access by bus and by car to the various localities in the area is excellent. From the A1 motorway, there is the exit at Barberino di Mugello. There are several interesting secondary roads too. The fascinating old "Faentina" railway line takes the visitors into the Mugello area from the Romagna region departing from Faenza or from Tuscany departing from Florence. Local public transport is available for travelling in the localities.

Environment and climate

The territory of the "Unione montana dei Comuni del Mugello" unites two geographic areas: the Mugello and the Upper Mugello or Romagna-Tuscany.
The valley in the Mugello is a reference point to the Upper-Middle part of the catchment basin of the river Sieve: it is a wide bowl confined by the main watershed of the Apennines (from Mount Citerna to Giogo di Villore) in the North, by the spurs of Mount Giovi and Mount Senario in the South.
It is closed in the west by the Mounts Calvana beyond which the province of Prato spreads. In this area we find San Piero a Sieve, Barberino di Mugello, Scarperia, Borgo San Lorenzo, Vicchio and Dicomano. The Mugello landscape is a complex: from the thick woodlands of the ridges where boars, roe-deer and foxes reign up to the areas of chestnut woods and olive groves, from the vast flat land of old terraces confined by slopes cultivated with wheat and sun flowers, up to the fertile valley bottom where the main inhabited centres and roads of communication are situated.

To the North, among the mountain ridges of the Mugello and the passes which descend towards Bologna and the Romagna, in the upper part of the basins of the rivers Santerno, Senio and Lamone there is the Upper Mugello with Firenzuola, Palazzuolo sul Senio and Marradi which are its most important towns.